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Spanish edition of  Toothful Tales, How We Survived the Sweet Attack​​  8x11" Softcover $9.98 *

Toothful Tales, Our Sensational Dental Adventure

Take a fun-filled vacation with the tooth characters as they experience the joys of a routine dental visit along with sealants and fluoride varnish. Who knew a visit with the dental team could be such fun!  8x11" Hardcover $17.98 *

Spanish edition of Toothful Tales, Our Sensational Dental Adventure 

 8x11" Softcover $9.98 *

Toothful Tales, How We Survived the Sweet Attack

Discover how it feels for your teeth to be covered in sweet goo, and how wonderful it is to be brushed and flossed clean! Colorful, high-impact images will help young readers to remember important oral health information.  8x11" Hardcover $17.98 *

Toothful Tales, Becoming Me Cavity Free!

The prequel to the award-winning, Toothful Tales series, Becoming Me Cavity Free! teaches new mothers and childcare teams how to take care of precious baby teeth.  8.5x8.5" Hardcover $17.98 *

*Spanish and softcover editions available for larger orders (See below)