Becoming Me Cavity Free! was written to help precious baby teeth to be pampered from the start, and now Dr. Jeanette is welcoming patients for a little healthy pampering at her new "Dental Cottage" in the heart of Golden, Colorado!  She has served as the dentist at the Colorado School of Mines, educating and treating students from around the world since 1999.  Her "Dental Cottage" is nestled in a historic home on the site of the "Renewable Energy Demonstration Center", where energy is provided by a 40' wind turbine, solar panels and an electric vehicle charging station!  Dr. Jeanette's practice focuses on prevention of oral disease in order to improve her patients overall health and that of future generations.

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Dr. Jeanette and her assistant have been trained by the Cavity Free at Three program and are looking forward to helping young families to stay cavity free with the resources and treatment needed to build a foundation for a lifetime of oral health!